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Embracing the Urban Elegance of Industrial Design

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Industrial Condo Design

Bournazi, Attica, Greece

In the heart of the industrial area of Bournazi, Athens/GREECE we undertook the renovation of a 70′ apartment following a combination of modern design and raw urban aesthetics. The special space features carefully crafted metal furniture, and micro-cement surfaces on the walls and floors with thoughtful wooden accents.

Upon entering, the industrial charm that defines this apartment draws you in immediately. Exposed metal elements and robust textures pay homage to industrial design, fitting it perfectly into the urban neighborhood environment.

The exposed brick wall with the vintage light from copper tubes and Edison bulbs adds a sophisticated character to the space, giving it a rustic and lived-in feel.

Surfaces with pressed cement mortar in its natural color offer an elegant, contemporary approach. Handmade metal furniture is proof of craftsmanship, highlighting the space with its unique, high aesthetics.

The wooden details add a touch of warmth to the industrial canvas, creating a perfect harmony of materials. Whether it’s the wooden shelves, custom cabinets, or handcrafted tables, these elements inspire a sense of comfort and balance.

The interior design of this apartment is truly stunning, seamlessly combining raw materials to create a natural aesthetic that is both exciting and functional. This is the perfect canvas for those who appreciate the beauty of minimalism and innovation.

Overall, this apartment embraces industrial design with elegance and flair. Its combination of raw materials, carefully chosen furnishings, and thoughtful touches create a space that is not only visually appealing but also functional and comfortable. Stepping into this apartment truly feels like entering a stylish haven in the heart of the urban environment.

If you are looking for a living space that embodies the spirit of urban living and industrial chic, the Burnazi apartment is one of the must-visit destinations. It offers a lifestyle that is equal parts unique and inspiring, where every corner tells a story of exceptional design and creative vision.

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