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Kottavos - modern tavern

A few meters from the square of Veaki in Peristeri, we undertook the concept design of the modern tavern "Kottavos". A setting that exudes warmth and draws images from old Athens and its neighborhoods with the urban houses of our grandparents and for many brings back memories of big family tables.

There is nothing fancy about Kottavos, it was designed so that it does not resemble any tavern we have seen so far and is not overloaded with the same old memorabilia.

In every corner of the store, there are small details that have been studied and placed with special attention and remind us of our grandmother's house.

Old furniture from another era, a chest of drawers with old photos, a porte manteau like the one our grandfather used to hang his coat and put his shoes on before leaving the house, old wooden chairs that were repaired by hand, chests of drawers and sofas that take us straight back to childhood our years.

The walls of the main hall, on the ground floor, are strewn with advertisements and paintings from the 60s and 70s in carved wooden frames, a large old chandelier hangs above the tables, while the many sconces on the walls with small light bulbs add to the space a delicate atmosphere.

The whole concept is reminiscent of an old mansion with a neo-retro vibe. Its excellent decoration and at the same time the old-fashioned perspective is given by the furniture and objects both on the ground floor and in the large loft that reminds of an old dining room of a townhouse, with its buffet full of vermouth, liqueurs, and other characteristic treats of the past, with the vintage sideboard and the large mirror on the wall with the velvet wallpaper in a neoclassical pattern and the heavy curtains of purple velvet and lace, will make you feel at home.

It is a very neat tavern where every detail in the space has its own meaning since you can find everything from old televisions, sewing machines, and telephones to antique shelves with crockery of that era and porcelain samovar. which for many will bring back memories of the old hospitable Athens.

We recently renovated the courtyard as well, which completed the whole concept. It is just as warm and cozy with its wooden floor, lots of flowers, and white force-forge table seats. The large antique mirror with its ornate white frame on the wooden wall, engraved with the equally original logo of the modern tavern makes a difference and maximizes the yard space.

Fun Fact :kottavos modern tavern

The concept was initially based on the word


from which we were inspired, designed, and developed our idea.

Shortly before construction was completed, the name


an ancient Greek game of love divination, and skill played by men. It had as a prize favorable omens for prospective sweethearts and more.

Every construction is a big challenge for us, a film with many alternating moments,

a puzzle of many people who are passionate with us to achieve

the maximum result of our vision.

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