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crop view of dining room with brown wall with texture, modern lights and decorative plants
At DFF Design, we specialize in crafting cozy home interiors, where every detail exudes comfort and elegance, transforming houses into havens, Peristeri, Athens, Greece
modern living room interior with red bar, modern wooden chairs, minimal black and white posters on the walls, micro cement texture of the fireplace, bowl with green apples on the bar
modern apartment design, stunning minimal home, DFF Design architecture-design studio in Peristeri, Athens, Greece
cozy industrial interior of kitchen with metal furnishing and wooden details, metal bookshelf with wooden stair, dining table with raw wood planks, walls and floor with micro cement
industrial condo with cozy aesthetic, metal furniture with warm wooden details, micro cement on the walls and floors, industrial lighting and fixture details, designed by DFF Design architecture-design studion in Peristeri, Athens, Greece
part of white ceiling with black roof panel, very minimal approach
Minimalism, Simplicity, Clean lines, Functionality, Aesthetics, Minimalist interiors, Contemporary design, Less is more, Neutral colors, Spatial efficiency, Streamlined Essential elements, Geometric shapes, Open spaces, Monochromatic, Clutter-free Minimalist furniture, Architectural simplicity, Visual balance, Reductive design, DFF Design, Peristeri, Athens, Greece
kitchen interior with modern white counters, black wall, Swarovski lamp, wooden stairs, big glossy plastic ball on the floor, a lot of pop art wall murals
Seaside residence, Modern architecture, Coastal living, Pop art decor, Vibrant details, Contemporary design, Ocean view, Artistic accents, Extraordinary home, Stylish interiors, Coastal retreat, Spectacular views, Seaside luxury, Visual delight, Beachfront property, Art-inspired decor, Unique home design, Contemporary coastal living, Pop art interior, Amazing seaside house, DFF Design architecture-design studio in Peristeri, Athens, Greece
interior of living room with brown stone covered fireplace, white bricks on the columns and in between bookshelf with metal sheet shelves with books, modern black wall lamps on the columns, view from the windows is winter mountain landscape  with snow and pine trees
Interior of living room with brown stone covered fireplace, white bricks on the columns and in between bookshelf with metal sheet shelves with books, modern black wall lamps on the columns, view from the windows is winter mountain landscape  with snow and pine trees
contemporary dinind area with white glossy Panton chairs, white glossy table, white glossy metal stair, big orange and purple cotton balls on the floor, big balcony door with forest view
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loft interior with yellow, red, blue, black colors, amoeba wall lamp, blue Smeg fridge, wooden stair on the wall as decoration, blue bicycle hanging on the wall, big lamp bulbs are hanging from the ceiling, big cylindrical inox absorber in the kitchen
Modern loft interior design ideas, Stylish loft decor inspiration, Cozy loft living space, Contemporary loft design trends, Modern loft decorating tips, Stylish loft furniture arrangements, Cozy loft layout solutions, Contemporary loft color palettes, Modern loft renovation projects, Stylish loft lighting ideas, Cozy loft room makeovers, Contemporary loft design elements, Modern loft interior planning, Stylish loft decor themes, Cozy loft home accents, Contemporary loft living essentials, Modern loft style and comfort, Stylish loft decor concepts, Cozy loft interior design secrets, Contemporary loft decorating trends, DFF Design architecture-design studio
very cozy and comfy living area corner with warm cottage sofas with many pillows, wooden coffee table with plant decor, white curtains, a lot of pictures on the wall, hanging bookshelf with many book. Big exotic plant in a pot on the floor.
Sustainable architectural design solutions, Residential architecture with open floor plan, Modern urban landscape architecture, Contemporary commercial building design, Green building practices for sustainability, Architectural renovations for historic homes, Cutting-edge architectural visualization techniques, Interior design integration in modern homes, Eco-friendly architectural materials, Architectural project management best practices, Innovative structural engineering solutions, Residential building design trends 2023, Commercial interior space optimization, Sustainable urban planning strategies, Architectural lighting design ideas, Residential and commercial architectural blueprints, Landscape architecture for small spaces, Contemporary sustainable building concepts, Architectural design awards and recognition, Architectural sustainability consulting services, DFF Design architecture-design studio in Peristeri Athens, Greece

From creating a warm, inviting atmosphere to designing a sleek, modern space, our team of interior design experts can do it all. We take a holistic approach to every project, considering everything from textures and colors to lighting and layout. Our goal is to create spaces that are both stylish and functional, while still reflecting your unique personal style. Explore our latest projects to see how we can help bring your vision to life.

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