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theodoros lampaditis

Theodoros Lampaditis

Senior Architect

Middlesex University London

About Us

DFF Design is an architecture and design studio founded by Evelyn A. Kamilaki and Theodoros Lampaditis in 2007 based in Peristeri, Athens, Greece. Our team has a wide range of skills, many years of experience, and the right sensitivity in the field of architecture and interior design. Our studio has been involved in the architectural design and supervision of numerous projects in Greece and abroad covering a wide variety of buildings from private villas to residential buildings and retail spaces. We believe that every project is an opportunity to create something truly special and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is realized. We create unique living spaces that provide the highest quality of life to our clients, always focusing on innovative designs and sustainable technologies, we are able to offer projects not only with modern aesthetics but also functional, eco-friendly and always with the ideal cost-performance. At the beginning of every project, we have a vision, a feeling that runs through all spaces and accompanies us to completion. We work with natural high-quality materials, finely selected color palettes, balanced contrasts, and a clear design language. Your personality and your values are what we focus on when we design and plan spaces. Throughout the process, every detail is important to us, as we work with a lot of care and passion to bring the vision to life.

Architecture and Interior design thrive on inspiration and communication. We attach great importance to a continuous and constructive exchange with our customers as well as with our experienced specialists on construction sites, in workshops, and in production halls. A good concept and its successful realization require the involvement of many different individual skills.

As an innovative team with a great love for detail, a trained eye, and a feeling for a harmonious whole we create and develop concepts for customized interior spaces solutions that spark emotions and evoke enthusiasm whether regarding new construction, refurbishing, facelift, or complete solutions.

                      We design sense by sense, creating new value through design.
We believe the meaning of design embraces not just form but also direction, goals, and the balance between cost, function, and other elements. Design means constructing new values and concepts.

Our design process is rigorously rational and logical: We never design something we can't explain. The result is an architecture that is at once logical and highly original.


Evelyn A. Kamilaki

Evelyn A. Kamilaki

Interior Architect & Designer

"DOMI" Collage of Art & Design

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