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  Kanellopoulou & Episminagou Nezis, Elefsina 
   Anonymous Distillery Company "KRONOS" & Hellenic Society of Wines and Spirits E.E.O.O. "Botry"

Redevelopment of the Kanellopoulou coastal road, restoration and conversion of factory buildings for use as a cultural space of the Municipality of Elefsina.

A few words about the factory:  Anonymous Distillery Company "KRONOS" & Hellenic Society of Wines and Spirits E.E.O.O. "Botry" In 1911, the anonymous distillery company based in Piraeus was founded. In 1917, the anonymous winemaking company "H. Isaiah". In 1922, the modern "KRONOS" factory was established for the production of wine and spirits, which is one of the most modern industrial complexes of the time. He used steam and oil as energy sources and grapes as raw material. It operated until 1986. In 1991 it was bought by a private shipowner. Since then it has been used as a storage area. The "Botrys" factory is one of the many wineries established by the Hellenic Society of Wines and Spirits (E.E.O.O.) in 1906 in Greece. Among other things, the company met the emerging needs of society by providing abundant illuminating alcohol at a cost price, at a time when oil, natural gas, and electricity were almost nonexistent. He made up for the complete lack of sugar by making stafidine (white and dark). In 1986, its operation was finally stopped.

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